The AAM Team

The AAM Team  

Get To know the team working hard to strengthen your online presence and make it unique!

AAM Team member Felix W.
Felix W


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With sales our goals will always be to get our customers the best plan and price for thier business. Felix makes sure of this on every call! He doesn’t just convince you AAM is your best choice he makes sure AAM is the only puzzle piece you’re missing.

AAM Team member Chloe M.
Chloe M.


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Chloe is our Marketing Director. She has extensive experience in all things marketing and helping businesses grow online. If you need support with branding, digital marketing, or strategic planning, she’s got your business.  

AAM Team member Chloe M.
Faellis W.

Client Relations

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Born and raised in the BVI. Background in human relations and years of experience in customer service.  Always eager to help and offer relevant solutions. Always been more of an arts person and discovered her love for psych sciences in college,which propelled her desire to work helping people. She now does this secularly and as a volunteer in South America.

AAM Team member Britania D..
Britania D.


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With multiple years of experience across the corporate board, Britania is a wealth of information and expertise that makes sure our numbers meet our big goals for your websites. As professional as she is adventerous, ask her about her adventures!

AAM Team member Abdiel M.
Abdiel M.

Quality Assessor

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Abdiel is the reason we can provide quality work ALWAYS. He ensures that all websites pass quality checks before reaching your eyes and before your clients can see anything.

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